Watershed Organization Resources

Watershed organizations are vital to improving the water quality and health of streams across West Virginia. These grassroots efforts are largely volunteer driven and have limited capacity. That’s why WV Rivers provides training and resources through our Watershed Organization Capacity Building Program to help these essential partners build capacity and make a difference for the rivers in their communities. 

Find a watershed organization near you! 

WV Rivers facilitates the West Virginia Watershed Network (WVWN). The WVWN is comprised of state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and watershed associations. The goal of the WVWN is to provide resources to volunteers who are working to restore and protect West Virginia’s rivers and streams.

Find out how watershed organizations are working in their communities. Sign-up to receive WaterNet, the quarterly publication of the West Virginia Watershed Network. You can read past editions of WaterNet below:

WaterNet Spring 2021

WaterNet Winter 2021

WVDEP’s Watershed Improvement Branch Calendar

Interested in workshops, events and activities happening around the state that promote clean water? Visit the WVDEP’s Watershed Improvement Branch’s calendar to find an opportunity near you.  The mission of WVDEP’s Watershed Improvement Branch (WIB) is to inspire and empower people to value and work for clean water. Check out their calendar here.

Stormwater and You: An Outreach Toolkit for Watershed Groups

WV Rivers developed a toolkit called Stormwater and You to help watershed organizations improve water quality, reach new members and build capacity within their organizations.

The toolkit provides resources and templates to help watershed groups incorporate stormwater management strategies into outreach programming. Download the toolkit here.

Webinar Recordings

Below you can find recordings of our webinar series designed to assist watershed organizations with key capacity building activities.

“Pep Rally” for Watershed Organization Board Members

Serving on the board of directors for a nonprofit is both challenging and rewarding! This webinar will help make your watershed organization’s board of directors more effective by providing an overview of duties, roles and responsibilities, ways to be an exceptional board member, and 3 tips to implement right away!

During the recorded webinar you’ll learn from:

Tasha Anderson, who has 15 years experience in the nonprofit sector, she is focused on nonprofit administration, board governance, and capacity building. Tasha has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of South Dakota with a concentration in Public and Nonprofit Administration.

Grant Funding and Communications Tools to Build Capacity

Find out about grant funding and communications tools that can help your watershed group accomplish its goals.

Learn about 319 Grants and AGOs from Martin Christ, Basin Coordinator with the WVDEP Watershed Improvement Branch. These funding opportunities support the development of plans and projects that target non-point source pollution. Martin will explain how the grants work and how you can apply.

Then Kathleen Tyner, Communications Director at WV Rivers Coalition, will share communications tips and tools to effectively share your mission with the public. Kathleen will provide an overview of free or low cost tools your group can use to get organized, reach current members and attract future supporters.

Recruit New Members with Education and Outreach Events

Education and outreach events are excellent ways to educate your community and recruit new members to your organization.

During the webinar you’ll learn from:

Tomi Bergstrom, WVDEP Project WET and Western Basin Coordinator. Tomi will explain how to use Project WET to plan water festivals. Water festivals are generally a one-day, outside water education events for 5th grade students. The festival is designed to heighten children’s awareness about natural resources and their role in helping to protect them.

You’ll also hear from WV Watershed of the Year winner, Friends of the Cheat. Amanda Pitzer and Beth Warnick will share their experiences in planning education and outreach events in their watershed. You’ll learn about their successes and lessons learned with new member recruitment.

Building Volunteer Engagement in Your Organization

Help strengthen your grassroots organization with volunteer support.

Leading the webinar is Caroline Bott the Leadership Development Manager at River Network.

Caroline will provide insight on what motivates volunteers, tips for engagement and management of volunteers, and how to steward volunteers into leadership roles to build a successful watershed organization. Register here.

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