West Virginians for Public Lands

New River by Randall Sanger.

“Wild and Wonderful” is an attitude that unites all West Virginians and invites all to enjoy our outdoors and our recreation economy. These three words capture who we are and where we live.   

 There are groups, individuals, and businesses that want and need vibrant and protected public lands – and work hard to protect our iconic West Virginia. 

 We at West Virginia Rivers Coalition want to bring together these allied stakeholders. We coordinate the West Virginians for Public Lands (WVPL) alliance. We share information, opportunities to be active, and immediate and long-term concerns that threaten our public lands. We may have different reasons to protect public lands. Let’s find common ground to promote businesses reliant on our outdoor recreation economy and keep West Virginia Wild and Wonderful. 

 There are many ways to support the goals of West Virginians for Public Lands. You can be active simply by liking and following our public lands focused social media. 

If you are a business, we invite you to send us a message to join the alliance. We’ll share concrete actions your business can take to make your voice heard on public lands issues that affect our businesses and our outdoor recreation economy.  

Any group or individual that would like to be involved in WVPL, please send us an email. More information about ways to advocate for public lands may be found on our resources page. 

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