How to Support Clean Water in West Virginia

Did you know there are so many ways you can financially support the work of WV Rivers? You can make a tax-deductible donation online here.

You can Give While You Work. If you work at Google or IBM, they’re set up to make this happen. Or perhaps your workplace uses Benevity, a super easy tool to encourage workplace giving.

You can Give While You Shop. Amazon, Kroger.

You can plan a Legacy Gift.

You can be a Paddling Partner and set-up recurring donations each month.

You can Give Online. Donate here.

You can write a Check and mail it to:

West Virginia Rivers Coalition

3501 MacCorkle Ave. SE #129

Charleston, WV 25304

You can give via Facebook – and encourage your friends to give, too! (Let us know if you’re going to hold a Facebook fundraiser and we can help!)

You can Shop for WV Rivers merchandise, a portion of all sales goes back to our clean water advocacy. Shop here.

There are tons of ways you can support the work to keep West Virginia’s exceptional rivers and streams clean. Contact Chett Pritchett, Development Officer, if you have questions

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