Safe Water for West Virginia: Source Water Protection Communities  

Safe Water for West Virginia is a statewide program that encourages collaboration between utilities and their communities to protect drinking water sources.   

Communities that take an active role in protecting drinking water sources and implement community-based projects receive designation as Source Water Protection Communities.  

West Virginia Rivers can offer funding for projects, as well as assistance with project planning, coordination and implementation. 

If you are a community member, organization, or water utility interested in participating in the Safe Water for West Virginia program and becoming a Source Water Protection Community, contact us for more information 

Source Water Protection Communities and Projects

Harpers Ferry

  • Water Bill Inserts: Educational water bill inserts were created and distributed. These bill inserts provided information about Harpers Ferry source water, Elk’s Run, and the connection between land conservation and clean water.  
  • Watershed Education Program: Safe Water Harpers Ferry funded the Potomac Valley Audubon Society’s Watershed Education Program for two elementary schools in the Elk’s Run watershed. The program focused on watershed connectivity and environmental stewardship, and included a trip to the Harpers Ferry water treatment plant.   
  • “WaterFaire”: WaterFaire is an annual event that promotes source water education and protection

A student learns how pollution enters the Elks Run Watershed during a WaterFaire.


Buckhannon River Fest: Buckhannon RiverFest is an annual event that includes floats on the Buckhannon River, kid’s activities, speakers, entertainment, informational displays, and an interfaith water blessing. 


Marlinton Wetland Park: An community educational park is being developed on a vacant lot adjacent to the Greenbrier River Trail. The property contains a wetland area where signage will be placed to educate the public about the natural filtration properties of wetlands.   


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