The Safe Water Conservation Collaborative is a regional conservation partnership that uses land conservation as a strategy to protect drinking water supplies.

One of the best ways to protect drinking water supplies is to work with landowners on stewardship practices that protect water. Voluntary land conservation easements are a tried-and-true way to protect water by protecting land and landscapes in critical watersheds that feed our drinking water supplies.

Private Lands, Public Waters is our 5-year action plan to help willing landowners conserve their land to protect drinking water supplies. Long-term strategies identified in this plan include:

  • Raising awareness among the public and policy makers about the link between protected lands and clean water;
  • Collaborating to develop and implement conservation strategies, share information, and cooperatively seek public and private funding for easements and the costs associated with them;
  • Cooperatively seeking policies that build local capacity to conserve lands that protect water.

More information about the Collaborative can be found at this site.

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