Eastern Panhandle

Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition – Harpers Ferry, WV. Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition is primarily focused on water quality monitoring in Jefferson County, WV.

Cacapon Institute – Great Cacapon, WV. The Cacapon Institute monitors water quality along the full length of the Cacapon Rivers at twelve sites monthly for major parameters, including temperature, turbidity (muddiness), nutrients (nitrate and phosphorus) and  fecal coliform bacteria.

Elks Run Watershed Group – Harpers Ferry, WV. Volunteers monitor at sites on Elks Run and Elks Branch for bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorous pollution.

Friends of Cacapon River – Great Cacapon, WV. Friends of the Cacapon River monitors the health of the Cacapon River as part of the West Virginia Save Our Streams Program. The program uses a bio-survey approach to stream study, which includes the collection and evaluation of aquatic invertebrates and an assessment of the river’s physiochemical conditions.

Sleepy Creek Watershed Association – Berkeley Springs, WV. Volunteers sample water quality at locations within the Sleepy Creek Watershed.

The Mountain Institute Potomac Stream Samplers  Circleville, WV.  The Potomac Stream Samplers involves teachers and students across the Potomac Basin in water quality monitoring.

Warm Springs Watershed Association  Berkeley Springs, WV. Warm Springs Watershed Association participates in the Save Our Stream Program.

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