Success Stories: Safe Water for WV Projects

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, as every utility and community they serve is different. WV Rivers Coalition provides assistance and support in many ways. Read these success stories below to learn more about how you can get involved with protecting your drinking water.

Public Outreach & Education

  • Harpers Ferry water bill inserts: WV Rivers, in collaboration with the Harpers Ferry Water Works, created two educational water bill inserts. One pertaining to protecting Harpers Ferry’s source water in the Elks Run Watershed, and the other providing education on the connection between land conservation and clean water.
  • Proper oil disposal flyer: WV Rivers partnered with Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority for the “Shift Green” Campaign to encourage proper oil disposal and recycling of automotive fluids. Flyers were handed out at the Charles Town Car Show with approximately 2,000 people in attendance.
  • Marlinton Wetland Park: WV Rivers partnered with the Town of Marlinton to develop a community educational park on a vacant lot adjacent to the Greenbrier River Trail. The property contains a wetland area that will be used to educate the public about the importance of wetlands in filtering water. WV Rivers facilitated stakeholder involvement to create a vision for the park and secure additional funding.

Community Events

  • Harpers Ferry “WaterFaire”: WV Rivers assists the Harpers Ferry Merchant’s Association with hosting their annual “WaterFaire”. This event include children educational activities regarding source water protection.
  • Buckhannon River Fest: WV Rivers has participated in the Buckhannon Riverfest to celebrate the source water protection efforts of the City of Buckhannon. The event draws 50-75 people each year and includes floats on the river, kid’s activities, speakers, entertainment, informational displays, and an interfaith water blessing.
  • Conservation Projects: Conservation projects, like planting trees or installing rain gardens, are a great opportunity to engage communities in protecting their drinking water. In spring 2018, WV Rivers Coalition provided funding to Cacapon Institute’s CommuniTree program to support tree planting projects in Jefferson County.

Youth Education

  • In-classroom education: WV Rivers worked with students at Morgan Academy in Shepherdstown on in-classroom educational activities focused around protecting drinking water supplies by using digital monitoring & reporting tools to identify contaminant sources in their community.
  • Watershed Education Program: WV Rivers partnered with the Potomac Valley Audubon Society to bring watershed education to four elementary schools reaching a total of #61 students. The students received 8 hours of watershed education including a field trip to a local park. The program focused on environmental stewardship and their role in their local watershed.

WV Rivers Coalition wants to help make source water protection a reality in your community. Contact us to learn more about getting started with a project of your own.

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