Pipeline Visual Assessment Program and Stream Watch App

Learn how to detect and report water quality impacts from natural gas pipelines.

The WV/VA Pipeline Visual Assessment Program and Stream Watch App were developed by Trout Unlimited and WV Rivers to support and train volunteer citizen observers to identify, document and report pollution incidents associated with large-scale pipeline development.

Through a free video training, volunteers will learn about erosion control best management practices used in pipeline development, specific examples of pollution to look for, and how to best document those problems.

How the Pipeline Visual Assessment Program Works

Pollution reports submitted through this program and the Stream Watch App will undergo an internal review. For significant incidents, we will submit information to the responsible regulatory agency and work with our volunteers and partners to collect additional water quality and visual information as needed. We will track agency response and relay that information to our volunteer network.

Watch the Stream Watch App Training Video

The Stream Watch App is a quick and effective tool to document erosion and sedimentation, water quality impacts, and habitat issues.

Volunteers can easily submit photos of water pollution or habitat degradation. The photographic data will populate an interactive map that will inform follow-up on enforcement actions or restoration needs.

To learn how to download and use the WV Stream Watch App watch the video above.

You can also download the presentation slides, and webinar handouts.

WV Stream Watch Orientation – Slides

WV Stream Watch – Get Started Handout

WV Stream Watch – Disturbances Handout

Questions? Email wvrivers@wvrivers.org.

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