Natural Gas and Pipeline News

Antero Landfill Public Hearing Next Monday, 5/1

Make Your Voice Heard – Antero Landfill Public Hearing Next Monday, 5/1 You have the opportunity to submit comments on the Antero landfill National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. This is an important permit that regulates stormwater discharges from the Antero landfill which will dispose of the salt generated at the Antero water treatment facility. […]

Monitoring for the Effects of Gas Pipelines

Guidance for Monitoring Effects of Gas Pipeline Development on Surface Water and Groundwater Supplies This report provides information concerning risks, potential impacts, and other water supply issues related to pipeline development. It details methods for establishing baseline information on water quantity and quality, long-term monitoring to detect change, collection of data that will be needed […]

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