Your Voice and Activism Stopped Commercial Logging in Our State Parks!

You did it, your voice, passion and action defeated the state parks logging bill! Over the weekend, Senator Woelfel broke the news that Senate Bill 270 had failed to pass out of the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Today, we can officially declare SB270 dead. The deadline for bills to cross-over from the Senate to the House has passed, SB270 is defeated.

When SB270 was introduced in January public lands advocates organized. Coordinated by West Virginia Rivers, a diverse coalition of sportsmen and womenstate park advocatesconservation organizationsprofessional forestersimpacted communities and volunteer advocates launched a campaign to empower YOUR voice to shut down any effort to commercially log our state parks.

You spoke loud and clear! Through WV Rivers’ action alerts and resources you sent 16,866 letters to your legislators and the governor! One senator shared that he had received more citizen opposition to SB270 than any other bill this session.

Defeating SB270 proves we are an organized and powerful force.

Keep the momentum going! We have one victory under our belt, now let’s protect special places like the Monongahela National Forest, our wildlife refuges and national rivers and parks from federal efforts to systematically dismantle our public lands!

Support West Virginia’s public lands. Become a member of WV Rivers by making a donation. Together we are stronger and with your financial support, we can continue to win victories for our public lands and waters!

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