Thankful for Our Rivers – Thankful for Your Support

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to extend a warm and appreciative thank you from the staff and board of West Virginia Rivers Coalition. Whether you are a partner, a donor, or a water advocate – you make WV Rivers’ mission to conserve and restore West Virginia’s exceptional rivers and streams possible. Thank you!

During this season of reflection, I’d like to share the latest edition of our print newsletter, Headwaters. Inside, you’ll find a year-end report on five of WV Rivers’ core program areas: Public LandsWater PolicySafe Water for West VirginiaNatural Gas and Pipelines, and Water Quality Monitoring.

Headwaters shares what we’ve accomplished over the past year and how we can build on those successes. There’s so much to be proud of. But we already know that big challenges to our water quality are looming.

In this time of thanksgiving and generosity, please consider giving WV Rivers a head start in the new year by making year-end donation

Your donation to WV Rivers will be put to work defending water quality and growing the impact and reach of key programs. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Natural Gas and Fracking
In 2017, WV Rivers reviewed permits for over 3,600 pipeline stream and wetland crossings. Next year, those pipeline projects could begin construction. Our natural gas pipeline citizen educationanalysis and watchdogging costs approximately $25/pipeline stream crossing. Can you sponsor one of those stream crossings with a donation of $25?

West Virginia Water Policy
Last year, WV Rivers empowered citizens like you to send 17,496 letters to the West Virginia Legislature and state regulators defending water quality. Next year we’ll need to intensify our science-based public education and citizen involvement on some big policy issues. The “Regulatory Reform Act” will be in full swing and industry lobbyists will be using it to try and strip our water protections down to the weakest they’ve ever been. We need to budget $1,000 each week of the 60-day legislative session for our science-based water quality defense. Can you join 15 other donors in contributing $500 to sponsor our on-the-ground work during the legislative session? 

Public Lands
WV Rivers has built a coalition of over 3,200 individuals, businesses, and organizations that care deeply about West Virginia’s public lands. Right now, efforts are underway to sell off, shrink, and eliminate our national public lands. Next year, we will mobilize volunteer leaders to amplify the voices of others, demanding that our public lands are managed in the public interest. Each volunteer leader’s training and support costs $100. Can you sponsor a public lands volunteer by donating $100?

Whether you live in West Virginia, depend on our streams for your drinking water, or come here to play, our rivers and streams are counting on you. Please donate today.

With gratitude,

Angie Rosser, Executive Director

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