Free Webinar Series to Help Make Your Organization Stronger

Webinar on Volunteer Management – Tuesday, 12/19

Is your organization looking to be more effective in executing your mission? WV Rivers has developed a free webinar series to help West Virginia grassroots organizations build capacity.

We asked watershed organizations to identify what types of assistance they need to be more effective. This winter, we’ll be hosting free webinars on the most requested topics. The first webinar, Building Volunteer Involvement in Your Organization, is scheduled for December 19 at 10am.

Leading the webinar is Caroline Bott the Leadership Development Manager at River Network. Caroline will provide insight on what motivates volunteers, tips for engagement and management of volunteers, and how to steward volunteers into leadership roles to build a successful watershed organization. Register here.

What: WV Grassroots Organization Capacity Building Webinar – Volunteer Management
When: Tuesday, December 19, 10:00-11:00am

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