Headwater Streams and Wetlands at Risk for More Pollution

Headwater streams and wetlands across West Virginia like Big Run Bog in Tucker County, pictured above, are at risk to loose protection under the Clean Water Act.

The Trump Administration has begun the process to remove critical protections for wetlands and headwater streams through the repeal of the Clean Water Rule, putting drinking water for more than half (54%) of all West Virginians at greater risk for pollution.

Passed in 2015, the Clean Water Rule clarifies which water-bodies are protected under the Clean Water Act. Without the Clean Water Rule 8,390 miles of streams in West Virginia would be put at risk. 

Speak up for clean water now! Let the Trump Administration know that you support a strong federal Clean Water Act and you oppose any action to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

The Clean Water Rule has strong public support. During a previous comment period, over 1 million comments were submitted, 87% of which were supportive of the Clean Water Rule, including over 2,000 comments submitted by West Virginians.

Take action NOW by sending a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt supporting the Clean Water Rule.

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