2 Important Ways You Can Speak Up for West Virginia Streams in August

August is shaping up to be a busy month for water advocates in West Virginia. There are two important public comment periods closing at the end of August and your voice needs to be heard! Help reach more clean water advocates, forward this email to a friend!

Oppose the Clean Water Rule Repeal – Comment by August 28

The Trump Administration has begun the process to remove critical protections for wetlands and headwater streams through the repeal of the Clean Water Rule, putting drinking water for more than half (54%) of all West Virginians at greater risk for pollution.

Passed in 2015, the Clean Water Rule clarifies which water-bodies are protected under the Clean Water Act. Without the Clean Water Rule 8,390 miles of streams in West Virginia would be put at risk.

Send a letter to the EPA letting them know that you oppose any action to repeal the Clean Water Rule! Comments are due August 28, 2017.

List of Impaired Streams, 303(d) List – Comment by August 21

Every 2 years the state is required to update it’s list of impaired streams. Last summer the WVDEP submitted it’s 2014 list of impaired streams to the EPA for approval. Streams on the list, called the 303(d) list, are mandated to undergo further analysis for restoration efforts. The EPA partially disapproved the 2014 submission and added an additional 61 streams to the list. WV Rivers agreed with the EPA’s decision to include those 61 streams, which are mainly impaired due to a lack of healthy stream bug population. You can read the comments WV Rivers submitted to the WVDEP supporting EPA’s decision here.

Now, you have the opportunity to comment on the State’s draft of the 2016 303(d) list. Learn more about the streams included on the list here. WVDEP is accepting comments through 8/21. Keep any eye on your email, and WV Rivers facebook pagewe’ll be sharing more information on how to comment on the draft 2016 303(d) list next week!

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