Water Quality Protections Up for Debate in Senate Judiciary

The WV Legislature is considering revisions to human health protections within our water quality standards. These revisions are part of a rule proposed by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. Read WVDEPs rule.

Right now, the Senate Judiciary Committee is reviewing the rule and we expect them to debate the rule TOMORROW, Tuesday, January 25! Contact member of the committee and let them know that clean, safe drinking water is essential for all West Virginians. Ask them to remove loopholes for polluting industries to put even more toxins our drinking water sources

Why The Rule Puts Our Health At Risk

The rule before the Legislature creates a loophole to allow industries to dump more toxins in our source water. This proposal is part of a second round of human health criteria revisions – the portion of our water quality standards that protect our health from dangerous pollutants like cancer causing toxins, chemicals known to cause birth-defects, and poisons like cyanide.

We analyzed the proposed rule and have come to the conclusion that the policy opens the door for increased risk to public health. Read our full comments on the rule. Not only will it allow more toxins in our drinking water sources, it creates a shortcut for polluters to discharge even more toxins in our water with less public involvementSend a message to the Senate Judiciary committee!

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