Climate and Water Webinar Recordings

West Virginia’s state fish, the brook trout, is feeling the effects of a warming planet. As rain patterns change, air temperatures rise, and waters warm, brook trout are losing habitat. Climate change isn’t just hurting wildlife. Communities are facing increased flooding and extreme weather events like tornadoes.

West Virginia is home to scientists whose research is helping us understand how climate change is impacting both our state and the nation. WV Rivers highlighted a few of the scientists on the front-line of the climate crisis through our Climate and Water Webinar Series. We extend a sincere “thanks” to all of the researchers who have shared their knowledge through our webinars!

You can watch recordings of the webinars below.

Dr. Than Hitt is a fish biologist with the USGS Leetown Science Center in Kearneysville WV. During the webinar, he discusses his research on trout population and community ecology in Appalachia.

Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz is an Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at West Virginia University. During the webinar he discusses his work on climate impacts, increasing hurricanes and storms, and freshwater flooding in the coastal areas.

Dr. Nicolas Zegre is the Director of the Mountain Hydrology Laboratory at West Virginia University. During the webinar, he shares his research on water security and climate change from a West Virginia perspective.

Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more webinars as part of our Climate and Water Series throughout the summer.

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