WV Rivers News: Opportunities to Comment on MXP Pipeline, Drinking Water Protections, and Industrial Facility

Legislature Puts Drinking Water at Risk

Late last month we broke news about a legislative committee removing important updates from the proposed revisions to our water quality standards that will be brought before the legislature during the 2019 session. This last minute change, pushed by industrial polluters, puts our health at risk by depending on out dated science to set limits on the toxins most dangerous to human health.

Now what? In January, the full Legislature will have the chance to restore the updated protections removed by the rule-making committee. West Virginians from across the state will need to call on lawmakers to protect public health and adopt current, science-based human health criteria. Otherwise, they’ll be leaving us at risk, and living in the past, while our neighboring states take steps to protect drinking water and their citizens.

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Rockwool Industrial Facility Raises Water Quality Concerns – Comment by 12/20

Concerned citizens packed a room at a WVDEP public hearing on the proposed Rockwool facility.

The proposed Rockwool manufacturing facility in Jefferson County, WV would produce mineral wool insulation. The facility would discharge nearly 15,000 gallons of wastewater a day for treatment by the City of Charles Town’s wastewater treatment plant.

The volume of wastewater discharged by the facility and the capabilities of existing infrastructure to treat it raises water quality concerns. Overflow untreated wastewater, or inadequately treated wastewater would flow into Evitts Run within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. You can make your voice heard on this industrial facility by commenting to WVDEP on the facility’s NPDES permit!

View our fact sheetread WV Rivers draft comments and submit your comments by December 20.

Hold the Mountaineer XPress Pipeline Accountable For Water Quality Violations

Muddy water flowing off a MXP construction site and into Neds Run in Doddridge County.

The Mountaineer XPress Pipeline, under construction in the western part of the state, has a history of negligence since construction started this spring – 24 water quality violations since April. 

Last month, WVDEP issued MXP a penalty of $122,350 for those violations. The proposed agreement to that penalty is now open for public comment. Submit your comments here.

While we commend WVDEP for holding MXP accountable for their water quality violations, we request the penalty be adjusted in a way that fully considers MXP’s repeated negligence and disrespect of environmental law, and strongly deters other pipeline companies from following suit. Read WV Rivers draft comments here.

Add your voice! Share with WVDEP that you want them to hold MXP accountable for their water pollution. Send letter here by 5PM December 23.

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Candlelight vigil at the Capitol following the January 2014 water crisis. Photo by Keely Kernan.

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