Good News: WV Senators Stand Up for Public Lands

It’s working – your letters, postcards, and calls supporting public lands are making a big impact on West Virginia’s Senators Capito and Manchin! Late last week, Senator Capito and Senator Manchin showed great leadership and dedication to public lands by sending a joint letter to Senate leadership supporting the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), a vital source of funding for conservation and recreational access. Learn more here.

Your voice makes a difference! Thank Senator Capito and Senator Manchin for their leadership and commitment to public lands in West Virginia. Send a thank you note here.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is set to expire on September 30 unless Congress renews it. That’s why the bipartisan support and leadership from West Virginia’s Senators is so important.

Help ensure future support for public lands and reinforce the importance of LWCF by sending Senators Capito and Manchin a thank you note.

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