Submit your comments on WV Water Quality Standards by July 10

You deserve to know what’s in your water. Every three years the rules that govern what’s in West Virginia’s water undergo a revision process called the Triennial Review. West Virginia is in the midst of this process and WVDEP has released their proposed changes for public comment, you can view them here.

WV Rivers has reviewed WVDEP’s proposed revisions to Water Quality Standards and recommends additions to safeguard human health from waterborne toxins. View our fact sheet on the Triennial Review and our full comments to WVDEP to learn more.

Public Health and Toxic Water Advisories

One change to WV’s Water Quality Standards would expand allowances for toxic hotspots in our waters. These areas are called overlapping mixing zones, learn more here.

Overlapping mixing zones have concentrations and combinations of pollutants that are dangerous to human health. The proposed rule would allow these areas, and it does not deal with the requirement to notify the public of their presence or danger.

WV Rivers requests WVDEP specify signage requirements at overlapping mixing zones that graphically depicts and states that the waterbody within the mixing zone contains high levels of pollutants harmful to human health, and that contact with the water or consumption of fish harvested in the area could have severe health impacts.

Speak Up Now! Share with WVDEP why you deserve to know when the water is dangerous. Request public health notifications at overlapping mixing zones by commenting on WVDEP’s revisions to Water Quality Standards through July 10. View our fact sheet and submit your comments hereYou can also submit comments in person during a public hearing on July 10 at 6:00pm at the WVDEP headquarters in Charleston.

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