Please Comment Today to Stop Assaults on National Monuments

Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. 

West Virginians overwhelmingly support our national monuments — 87% of West Virginians believe monument designations should be kept in place, according to a recent poll. Now it’s time for our state’s voice to be heard on the national stage.

President Trump has signed an executive order directing the Interior Department to review all national monuments designated since 1996, and recommend whether to keep, eliminate, or shrink certain monuments. No president has ever attempted to revoke a predecessor’s monument designation.

Public lands and waters unite West Virginians across party lines. Say ‘no’ to dismantling our national monuments!

First on the list for potential elimination is the incredible Bears Ears National Monument in Utah — which protects over 100,000 irreplaceable archaeological and cultural sites.

Time is running out for Bears Ears. The Department of Interior is shutting the door on May 26 for 1.2 million acres of stunning lands. Bears Ears is ground zero in the battle to protect our public lands. Make sure the Department of Interior understands where West Virginia stands. Will you raise West Virginia’s voice?

With your help, we can demonstrate overwhelming public support for not only Bears Ears, but all national monuments. In fact, more than 90% of West Virginians support protecting Birthplace of Rivers with a national monument designation.

Please comment today!

Thanks for standing up for our public lands

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