WV/VA Pipeline Visual Assessment Program Training Video

The WV/VA Pipeline Visual Assessment Program was developed by Trout Unlimited and West Virginia Rivers Coalition to support and train volunteer citizen observers to identify, document and report pollution incidents associated with large-scale pipeline development through online video trainings.

If you have any questions please email Autumn Crowe, acrowe@wvrivers.org or call 304-637-7201.

Monitor Pipeline Construction from Your Computer

Do you want to help watchdog pipeline construction but can’t visit a construction site? We’ve partnered with two innovate programs that use online interactive mapping systems to allow volunteers to identify water quality impacts from natural gas pipelines by viewing aerial photography.

Pipeline CSI, a program of the Allegheny Blue Ridge Alliance, and Mountain Valley Watch, a collaboration between volunteers and nonprofits, help citizens monitor construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline using high-tech tools. Both programs are free and do not require specialized equipment. All you need is an internet connected computer or smart device.

Watch the videos below to get started!

Monitor the Atlantic Coast Pipeline with Online Mapping

Monitor the Mountain Valley Pipeline with Online Mapping

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