Biological Assessment Rule: Facebook Live Q & A with WV Rivers, Virtual Public Hearing and Easy Commenting – April 20

Click the photo above to watch a video of WV Rivers’ staff scientist, Autumn Crowe, breakdown the biological assessment rule.

Some of you might remember commenting on the biological assessment rule last spring when WVDEP initially released the rule change. But after the comment period, WVDEP missed the deadline to file the rule with the Secretary of State, so now WVDEP is collecting public comments on the rule again through April 20. We’ve made it easy for you to submit comments on the biological assessment rule here.

Prior to the comment deadline, WVDEP will be holding a virtual public hearing on the rule from 6-8PM on April 20Even if you do not plan to speak during the virtual hearing we encourage you to listen in – your presence shows the WVDEP that West Virginians care about water policy! Learn more about the virtual hearing here.

Why is the biological assessment rule important? It defines how the WVDEP uses the presence of aquatic life to determine whether a stream is meeting the state’s water quality standards, and if it needs help to reduce pollution so it can support a healthy ecosystem. Sadly, WVDEP’s proposal would leave some streams in a state of limbo where they are unhealthy but would not receive the help they need until it might be too late. Learn more about the biological assessment rule here and watch our video fact sheet on the rule here.

On Monday, April 20 at 12:00PM, WV Rivers executive director, Angie Rosser, will host a Facebook Live Q & A session on the rule! Learn more about the biological assessment rule, WVDEP’s virtual public hearing, and ask your questions about how the rule affects stream life. Just visit WV Rivers’ Facebook page at noon on Monday and the video will automatically begin.

Biological Assessment Rule – How to Make a Difference

  1. Submit your comments on the biological assessment rule here before 8PM, Monday, April 20.
  2. Tune into WV Rivers Facebook Page for a live Q & A with our executive director on the rule at 12:00PM on April 20.
  3. Join WVDEP’s virtual public hearing on the rule from 6-8PM on April 20.
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