What’s Better Than Supporting Clean Water Through Laughter?

WV Rivers Coalition hosted an exciting, sold-out membership event in the Eastern Panhandle on December 18. Nearly 50 community members turned out for a special night of stand-up comedy in support of clean water at Abolitionist Ale Works in Charles Town.

This non-traditional event was the perfect way to ring in the new year with new friends, good food, and laughter.

Opening acts Matt Dundas and Farley warmed up the crowd, with headlining act Robert Mac keeping the audience in stitches with his recommendations for preventing climate change.

We thank John Coulter for his work on pulling together the show and for donating a portion of ticket sales to WV Rivers Coalition, as well as Abolitionist Ale Works for letting us use their great space.

Events like these provide meaningful moments where we can engage with our community and empower people to protect rivers and defend public lands. Interested in co-hosting an event with WV Rivers? Email ktyner@wvrivers.org.

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