West Virginians for Public Lands Volunteer Leadership Workshop – Saturday, June 9

Kanawha State Forest near Charleston is one of the over 400 public lands in West Virginia that receives federal funding to support recreation and access. West Virginians for Public Lands volunteer leaders play an important role in advocating for that funding. Photo by Chad Cordell.

Do you want to inspire your community to take action for public lands? Join West Virginians for Public Lands Volunteer Leadership Workshop on June 9 in Charleston. Learn how you can support the growing movement to protect and enhance West Virginia’s public lands. No prior organizing or volunteer experience is required.

The training will kick off-with an overview of the threats facing public lands — like efforts to defund, sell-off, and industrialize these special places. Then, the WV Rivers team will share effective organizing strategies. You’ll learn about and practice tools like story-telling, campaign planning and digital advocacy; tools that were used by public lands volunteers to defeat the state parks logging bill!

This free informal and interactive workshop takes place on Saturday, June 9, in the meeting room of Parkside Place overlooking the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV. Ellen’s Ice Cream will provide lunch and ice cream. Please apply by June 4. Apply here.

What: West Virginians for Public Lands Volunteer Leadership Workshop

When: 9:30am-4:00pm, Saturday, June 9

Where: Parkside Place, 1578 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston, WV 25311

How to register: Please fill out this form.

Lunch and coffee will be provided.

Limited scholarship funds are available for travel to the workshop. Please only apply for funds if financial hardship would keep you from participating in the workshop. Email, Megan Hamilton, mhamilton@wvrivers.org, for support requests.

West Virginians for Public Lands is an alliance of people, organizations, and businesses coordinated by West Virginia Rivers Coalition, working to defend and enhance the natural and recreational values of our public lands and waters.

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