Submit Comments on Eastern Panhandle Pipeline

Public hearing on Tuesday, 1/9; comments due Friday, 1/19

Map of the Mountaineer Gas Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project.

You can submit comments to WVDEP on the Mountaineer Gas Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project (EP Pipeline), a 23-mile pipeline located in Berkeley and Morgan Counties of West Virginia. Through Friday, January 19, the WVDEP is accepting public comments on the project’s stormwater and sediment control permit, which regulates polluted runoff from oil and gas development. Learn more about stormwater permits here.

We made it easy for you to submit comments to WVDEP!

WV Rivers reviewed the EP Pipeline’s stormwater permit application and found that it lacks critical information the WVDEP needs to certify that the project will be able to meet permit requirements. Thorough scrutiny of stormwater permits is critical for the protection of WV’s streams. 

Submit your comments! Read our fact sheet on the EP Pipeline’s stormwater permit and submit your comments to WVDEP by Friday, January 19, 2018.

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