Action Alert: Please Make a Phone Call for Public Lands!

National Monuments at Risk – Make a Phone Call

President Trump has signed an executive order to review National Monuments to determine which should be eliminated or decreased in size. The public must be heard during this process. West Virginians, like all Americans, own these lands, and deserve to have their say on our outdoor recreation lands.

About 2 dozen monuments are subject to the review, but the order allows wide discretion that puts monuments of all size at risk. The sweeping review will include all monuments created since 1996 that are over 100,000 acres, or where the Secretary determines the designation was made with insufficient input. In short, the executive order could undermine one of the nation’s most important conservation tools. The Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, pictured above, is one of the monuments at risk.

We are asking you to take two actions:
1. Call the Department of Interior comment line at 202-208-7351. Press zero to get a recording. Say you are calling from West Virginia (or your state) and want the public to be involved in the national monuments review process. The public must be heard.

2. After the call, click here to tell us how you would like to help West Virginians for Public Lands defend our national forests, refuges, and park units.

We will need your help in the coming months!

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