February 2018

Groups: Pollution watchdog ORSANCO needed – Parkersburg News & Sentinel, 2/27/2018

Pipeline shouldn’t have access to streamlined permit, environmental lawyers say – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 2/23/2018

West Virginia Senate Votes to Ax Water Pollution Provision – US News and World Report, 2/23/2018

West Virginia Senate votes to ax water pollution provision – WVRAL.com, 2/22/2018

Energy Legislation Promises Jobs, Environmentalists Heed Caution – WV Public Broadcasting, 2/18/2018

Environmental groups puts up legal ‘roadblock’ against Mountain Valley Pipeline – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 2/18/2018

Nonprofits claim Southeastern Land, Fola Coal Co. are polluting waters – West Virginia Record, 2/15/2018

Environmental groups appeal Mountain Valley Pipeline permit  – MetroNews, 2/14/2018

West Virginia Senate votes against tougher pollution limits  – WHSV, 2/13/2018


The Fight Against a Pipeline Along the Appalachian Trail – Backpacker Magazine, 2/12/2018

EPA paves way for WV DEP to enforce state water quality standards – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 2/6/2018

January 2018

FERC approves some construction on initial infrastructure for MVP – Beckley Register Herald, 1/28/2018

Atlantic Coast Pipeline gains approval of key WV permit – MetroNews, 1/26/2018

Lawsuit: Streams polluted by coal mines – Herald Dispatch, 1/26/2018

Vets Petition Trump, Interior To Protect Public Lands – Public News Service, 1/25/2018

Proposal to allow logging in WV state parks getting mixed reaction – WVAH, 1/24/2018

Lawmakers to again consider oil and gas property changes – Record Delta, 1/21/2018

Conservation groups alarmed at bill to log state parks – Morgan Messenger, 1/19/2018

Agreement for Radiation Monitoring at New WV Landfill – Frackcheck WV, 1/19/2018

WV Gov. Justice issues moratorium on new state regulations – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1/19/2018

Conservation groups oppose bill to allow logging in WV state parks – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1/17/2018

Conservation groups concerned about state park logging bill – Beckley Register Herald, 1/17/2018

Justice Administration Proposes Parkland Logging – US News & World Report, 1/16/2018

Pipeline foes speak out in Berkeley Springs – Herald-Mail, 1/9/2018

Public pipeline hearing draws crowds in Berkeley Springs – Local DVM, 1/9/2018

Environmental groups file suit trying to stop Mountain Valley Pipeline – Beckley Register Herald, 1/9/2018

Environmental groups try to halt Mountain Valley Pipeline in federal appeals court – MetroNews, 1/9/2018

Environmental groups seek stay to halt construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline – Roanoke Times, 1/9/2018

Mineral rights legislation top priority – Herald Dispatch, 1/6/2018

Co-tenancy bill has good chance to pass, WV legislators say – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1/5/2018

December 2017

Angie Rosser: When we’re tricked into fighting, we’re not talking about what is best for WV – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 12/24/2017

Agreement reached on West Virginia fracking landfill – WVHS, 12/19/2017

Antero landfill to be subject to year of testing, per legal agreement – WAJR, 12/19/2017

Antero deal includes water monitoring at natural gas waste disposal site – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 12/19/2017

Antero landfill to be subject to year of testing, per legal agreement – MetroNews, 12/19/2017

Agreement Reached on West Virginia Fracking Landfill – WV Public Broadcasting, 12/19/2017

Action Alert: Calling for Public Comments on MXP and ACP in WV – Frack Check WV, 12/15/2017

We Want a Future, Not a Clean Power Plan Repeal Hearing – Morning Consult, 12/13/2017

A Voice from Coal Country: Looking for a Better Future for People and Wildlife – National Wildlife Federation, 12/7/2017

Chinese Company Signs 20-Year West Virginia Gas Deal – Before It’s News, 12/5/2017

Jefferson County Leading the Way for Clean Water in WV – The Observer, 12/3/2017

No Unanimity in ‘Coal Country’ Hearing on CPP Repeal – RTO Insider, 12/3/2017

November 2017

EPA hosts second day of public hearings in Charleston – Register-Herald, 11/30/2017

Even the heart of coal country wants to keep the Clean Power Plan – Vice News, 11/29/2017

Clean Power Plan fight plays out in West Virginia coal country – Trib Live 11/28/2017

In the heart of coal country, EPA gets an earful about Clean Power Plan’s fate – Washington Post, 11/28/2017

Gazette editorial: WV abdicates responsibility in pipeline question – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 11/21/2017

Waiver aside, WV regulators express confidence in pipeline oversight – MetroNews, 11/13/2017

China gas deal with WV generates more questions than answers – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 11/9/2017

WV DEP waives water review authority, paving way for Mountain Valley Pipeline – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 11/1/2017

W.Va. agency waives water quality certification for Mountain Valley Pipeline – Roanoke Times, 11/1/2017

October 2017

Justice urged to give WV DEP resources for complete review of pipelines – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 10/27/2017

Court Allows West Virginia DEP to Start Over on MVP Review – Friends of Nelson County, 10/17/2017

Court ruling highlights unanswered questions on Mountain Valley Pipeline – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 10/17/2017

Groups oppose reduction in Bayer payment for fatal explosion – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 10/14/2017

West Virginians gather to fight Mountain Valley Pipeline – 59 News WVNS, 10/9/2017

September 2017

Judge to appoint special master to speed up coal-mine cleanups – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9/28/2017

“Significant delays” projected as DEP takes steps toward additional review of pipeline project – MetroNews, 9/18/2017

DEP requests judge to vacate certification to Mountain Valley Pipeline – Beckley Register-Herald, 9/14/2017

WV DEP takes tougher stand on Mountain Valley Pipeline – WVVA.com, 9/14/2017

WV DEP concedes MVP permit needs to be ‘further evaluated’ – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9/13/2017

Letter: Reader praises meetings on pipeline, gas – The Record Delta, 9/13/2017

W.Va. environmental agency to reconsider water quality permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline – Roanoke Times, 9/8/2017

WV DEP vacates permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9/8/2017

West Virginia withdraws approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline – The Exponent Telegram, 9/8/2017

Labor Day float attracts swimmers to the Elk River – WSAZ, 9/4/2017

Labor Day brings Elk River Elkspedition – MetroNews, 9/4/2017

Watershed volunteers honored for efforts – The Preston County News & Journal, 9/1/2017


August 2017

West Virginia Rafting Company To Hold Free Trip On Elk River – The Gilmer Free Press, 8/29/2017

‘Our water is not invincible’ – The Record Delta, 8/28/2017

West Virginia rafting company to hold free trip on Elk River – The News Center, 8/28/2017

West Virginia Rafting Company to Hold Free Trip on Elk River – US News and World Report, 8/28/2017

West Virginia rafting company to hold free trip on Elk River – LA Times, 8/28/2017

ACE Adventures to assist rivers group with Elk event – Beckley Register Herald, 8/26/2017

Letter: Lawmakers should leave national monuments alone – Charleston gazette-Mail, 8/24/2017

WV DEP ignored water quality in MVP permit, court filing argues – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 8/16/2017

Public invited to take part in Elkspedition – Montgomery Herald, 8/16/2017

Outdoor Recreation in WV: 90,000 Jobs, $9 Billion Economic Activity – Public News Service, 8/11/2017

Video: Volunteers wanted for Elk River photo documentary – Herald-Dispatch, 8/10/2017

Water filtration system in West Virginia among the elite – Washington Post, 8/7/2017

Morgan County Commission hears pipeline concerns – The Journal, 8/3/2017

Environment Matters 2017 – Episode 5 Water Reporter – WVDEP Environment Matters, 8/2/2017

Headwater Streams and Wetlands Across the USA at Risk for More Pollution – Frack Check, 8/2/2017

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Can Add Excess Sediment to WV Streams – Frack Check, 8/2/2017


July 2017

Challenges to Pipelines Continue Past FERC – Public News Service, 7/28/2017

DEP orders halt to Rover Pipeline construction – Charleston Gazette Mail, 7/25/2017

River Network River Voices – River Network, 7/20/2017

Beckley Register Herald Thumbs Up – Beckley Register Herald, 7/8/2017

‘Cancer creek’ water rule issue back in DEP’s court – Charleston Gazette Mail, 7/6/2017

June 2017

Group Launches Elk River Flood Photo – Mountain Media, 6/26/2017

Wanted: Your summer photos of Elk River – WCHS, 6/26/2017

Summer photos of Elk River being sought for documentary project – MetroNews, 6/26/2017

FERC issues final impact statement for Mountain Valley Pipeline – The Exponent Telegram, 6/23/2017

Chief of state river protection group receives NWF’s highest conservation award – Fayette Tribune, 6/15/2017

WV Rivers Coalition’s Angie Rosser receives national conservation award – West Virginia Press Association, 6/13/2017

Angie Rosser of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition Honored With Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award – NWF.org, 6/12/2017

Collin O’Mara, Angie Rosser: Antiquities Act anniversary a good time to defend public lands – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 6/10/2017

Environmental groups ask court to review W.Va. decision to issue pipeline water quality permit – Roanoke Times, 6/9/2017

WV DEP, its chief challenged on pipeline approval – Charleston Gazette-Mail, 6/9/2017

US judge denies EPA stay in acting on W.Va. Clean Water Act enforcement – S&P Global, 6/1/2017

Federal judge: Two W.Va. streams polluted by coal mine runoff – Kallanish Energy. 6/1/2017

May 2017

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