Register for ARCH2 Listening Session on March 27th

The Department of Energy (DOE) is hosting a listening session to gather feedback on the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2).

DOE has committed to invest nearly $7 billion across the country for developing and distributing hydrogen energy, which it says will help decarbonize heavy-emitting industries like cement making and shipping.

ARCH2 would depend on fracked methane gas to produce “blue” hydrogen through a network of industrial partners across parts of West Virginia, southeastern Ohio, and southwestern Pennsylvania.

The hydrogen is separated from the methane gas and used as energy, and the carbon produced in this process is to be captured and injected underground. Read more about hydrogen in our fact sheet.

Hydrogen made from renewable energy may be a piece in the puzzle of decreasing our emissions. But the hydrogen hub proposed for Appalachia is made from fracked methane gas, not renewable energy. ARCH2 would create more greenhouse gases, pipeline dangers, and water contamination in West Virginia.

We need strategies for our energy transition that center the health of people and our shared natural resources. Register to attend the DOE listening session to tell DOE we don’t want more polluting industries in WV.

The public has been provided with very few details about DOE’s plans for ARCH2. This map provided above is already out of date. West Virginians are left in the dark about how their communities will be impacted.

The Department of Energy is prioritizing speakers from “project host communities.” However, DOE needs to hear from all those who will be impacted directly or indirectly by ARCH2. This includes individuals from regions affected by natural gas drilling, transportation, hydrogen production, carbon injection and storage, and associated pipeline networks.

ARCH2 Listening Session (You must register 72 hours in advance)
When: March 27th, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm
Register here:

One session is insufficient for a project of this magnitude. Your presence and input will help demonstrate strong public interest and advocate for additional engagement opportunities during this crucial negotiation period.

If you are interested in speaking, please alert so we can anticipate the number of people attending and offer assistance in preparing your questions, concerns, and priorities.

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