Save our State Parks – Ask your two Senators to vote YES on Senator Stover’s Amendment to SB 688.

*This action is now closed.*

We need your help RIGHT NOW to protect our State Parks and Rail Trails. Please contact your two State Senators now – before the Senate meets on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 11 am.

SB 688, as written now, talks about wildfire management. But the Division of Forestry already has all the tools it needs to manage wildfires. The Division’s website even says that most fires are caused by careless burning – not wildfire.

We are concerned that SB 688 opens all WV public lands to wide-spread timbering and economic development for special interest projects. SB 688 permits secret, noncompetitive bid contracts from out-of-state interests to threaten the beauty and value of our public lands. We believe West Virginians know best how to protect our public lands.

Fortunately, Senator Stover has proposed an Amendment to SB 688. This Amendment states that no contract will be made for State Parks or Rail Trails. 

While we still have concerns with SB 688 impacting other state recreation and conservation lands and oppose non-competitive secretive bidding provisions, Senator Stover’s Amendment is a substantial improvement to SB 688.   

Time is running out. The Senate will act at 11 am on February 21. Contact your two Senators now and urge them to vote YES on Senator Stover’s Amendment.

One-click, and you can tell both of your Senators to protect State Parks by voting YES for Senator Stover’s Amendment.

Contact your two Senators today and ask them to please vote YES on Senator Stover’s Amendment to SB 688.

Let them know you love our WV State Parks for our Wild and Wonderful public lands.

More soon,

WV Rivers Coalition

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