The WV Legislature started its 2024 session on January 10. We are asking you to reach out now… and let your Senators (you have two of them) and your Delegate know that you support making sure our precious and unique WV state public lands are conserved for use by West Virginians and visitors now and for future generations. We support:

  • Nature-based, non-motorized recreation compatible with public lands in our Parks, Forest, Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), and other state lands. Extend the prohibitions against motorized trails to WMAs!
  • Conservation of our scenic, wild and wonderful rivers, streams, and waters.
  • Robust funding for staff and maintenance – and for Adopt-A-Stream and Adopt-A-Trail programs and litter pickup.
  • Increased accessibility for all compatible with conservation of public lands.
  • Multiple opportunities for public participation for new plans for our state lands.

These proposals are good common-sense ideas and will help conserve our West Virginia public lands. We hope you agree.

Please let the Legislature know that you want healthy public lands, clean water, and recreation compatible with conserving our unique and special WV public lands. 

Together, we can keep our public lands wild and wonderful!

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