What do you want for your public lands?

Good morning, everyone!

I’m having my coffee at The Grind in Morgantown and thinking about the WV Legislature. It’s hard to believe that the January session is almost here.

We had a huge success last session. Your efforts stopped a move in committee to open all our WV State Forests to motorized trails. Your emails and calls encouraged the House to approve an amendment to prohibit any new motorized trails in our State Parks, State Forests, and State Rail Trails – the Senate agreed, and the Governor signed this law!

Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in Autumn.

Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park in Autumn.

We want to build on this success. We’ve been working all year with the West Virginians for Public Lands (WVPL) coalition, trails and recreation groups, and folks across West Virginia to think about the best ways to safeguard our Wild and Wonderful state public lands. 

Take another look at this iconic fall scene in our Babcock State Park. Now, think of motorized off-road vehicles in that stream or mega-developments on the shore for a minute.

Also, think about what you want: More public lands? Extend non-motorized trail safeguards to Wildlife Management Areas? Full funding for maintenance, non-motorized trail building, and staffing? Our public lands rich in biodiversity and intact ecosystems? Rich in nature-based recreation and quiet solitude? Modernized public notice rules for full transparency and public input?

You can make your dreams happen. Our public lands need you: Tell us what you think! Fill out this quick survey from WVPL.

We’re setting legislative priorities later this week to be effective in January and we want your opinion represented. Please complete this survey before Thursday night.

I encourage you to share your priorities and vision for West Virginia state public lands.

Thanks for your time,Mike

Mike JonesPublic Lands Campaign CoordinatorWest Virginia Rivers Coalition

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