PFAS in Untreated Drinking Water

Toxic “forever” chemicals have been found in the raw water used to supply drinking water to approximately 700,000 West Virginians.

Known as PFAS, per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, these toxins are manmade chemicals that do not break down in nature and can cause adverse health effects, including cancer, at very low levels. Unsafe levels of PFAS have been found in the raw water supply for 130 community water systems.

During this 30-minute lunch and learn, you’ll hear from experts about PFAS contamination in West Virginia’s water and how the West Virginia Legislature can take meaningful action to help protect public and environmental health.

Additional resources:

2023 PFAS Information Packet

PFAS Info Packet Data – Supplemental information on the community water systems with PFAS detections, information on number of people served by the system, and data on PFAS detection levels.

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