Tell the EPA it’s Time to Take Action on Methane Pollution

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas which accelerates global warming and exacerbates climate impacts, like severe flooding. The oil and gas industry contributes the most to methane pollution in the United States. Toxic pollutants released alongside methane during operations worsen respiratory diseases and increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This pollution reacts with other chemicals and sunlight to form ozone smog, which impairs lung function, triggers asthma attacks, and aggravates diseases like bronchitis and emphysema putting children, the elderly, and people with respiratory conditions at the highest risk.

In November, the EPA proposed an update to a draft rule from 2021 that addresses pollution from both large and leak-prone small well sites, along with inspections of abandoned wells until they are closed. This proposal will cut methane emissions and other toxic pollution. Tell the EPA to tackle the climate crisis and protect public health by cutting methane emissions today!

Beyond addressing the climate and health impacts of methane pollution, the EPA’s proposal is a common-sense solution for the oil and gas industry to support. Plugging leaks and curbing emissions is highly cost-effective, helping the bottom line of operators. The value of gas wasted each year in the country from leaks at low-producing oil and gas wells is $1.3 billion, enough gas to run 3.6 million homes for a year. The Clean Air Task Force estimates that upon implementation, the rule would create 92,000 jobs nationwide.

Appalachia and West Virginia are the most affected regions in the country by low-producing and abandoned oil and gas wells. Our region stands to see more job creation and better health outcomes with the passage of EPA’s methane rule.

Contact EPA today!

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