Recognize 50 Years of the Clean Water Act

Today makes 50 years of the Clean Water Act!

Established by Congress on October 18, 1972, the Clean Water Act has helped improve water quality in West Virginia and across the nation.

Here at WV Rivers Coalition, the Clean Water Act provides the foundation for the way we work. In recognition of this remarkable milestone, we’ve dedicated our Fall edition of Headwaters to taking a closer look at how you help us make the Clean Water Act work in West Virginia. Download your copy.

Half a century is a long time, but the Clean Water Act has still fallen far short of its goal to eliminate all discharges of pollution into our waterways by 1985, and new threats to water quality have emerged – like PFAS and other manmade toxins. Read more here on why West Virginia’s waters still need help.

So, today, the WV Rivers team is inviting you to make a tax-deductible donation. Your gift celebrates 50 years of environmental policy and makes a commitment towards the advocacy needed to fully realize clean water for all. Make a donation.

The WV Rivers Team

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