Action Alert: Three Important Actions You Can Take on Climate Policy

West Virginia’s Senator Manchin is in the news for delaying a major economic package that would include provisions to combat climate change.  Climate advocates from across West Virginia are growing increasingly frustrated with Senator Manchin’s delay tactics in addressing the urgency of climate change. Read a statement by the West Virginia Climate Alliance.

Here are three things you can do today to help move climate policy forward!

1. Let Senator Manchin and Senator Capito know you are a West Virginian and you want them to support passing meaningful climate provisions now

The best science available tells us that we must act now to address the most dangerous consequences of climate change. Delaying action only puts us at more risk for dangerous weather like flooding. Did you know that 1 in 4 properties in West Virginia have a high risk of flooding?

2. Be an in-person advocate. We’re looking for advocates to meet with the West Virginia based staff of Senator Manchin and Senator Capito next month. Send us a message at if you are interested in advocating in person. We’ll help you schedule a meeting and prepare you to be a powerful advocate for science-based climate policy.

Check out some examples videos our friends in the WV Climate Alliance recently shared!

3. Take the Climate Pledge and share your story! Take the WV Climate Pledge, and help grow the grassroots movement for climate policy in West Virginia! Then share a video on why you took the Climate Pledge – email your video to We’ll add it to a gallery on our website and share it on social media.

If you’d like to share it to your socials, tag us @wvrivers on Instagram and Facebook and @OurWVRivers on Twitter. Check out this short video for an example and to see why fellow climate advocates around the state care about this issue!

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