Mountain Valley Pipeline Public Hearings – Nov. 1 and Nov. 4

The Army Corps of Engineers is holding virtual public hearings this week on the Mountain Valley Pipeline for residents in West Virginia and Virginia.

These hearings are on the pipeline’s request to cross streams and wetlands – which means activities that dredge stream beds, dam creeks, drill under rivers, and destroy wetland soils.

Read our fact sheet on the virtual public hearing and view slides from a public hearing prep session held last week.

Don’t allow industry to speak for you! We need to show the Army Corps that West Virginians and Virginians have valid concerns about the water quality implications of the pipeline. We can guarantee that the pipeline company, and proponents of the oil and gas industry will speak during the hearing. Don’t let them be the only voice

You must RSVP to speak at the virtual public hearing. To RSVP:

Email with subject “RSVP to Speak at West Virginia Public Hearing” or “RSVP to Speak at Virginia Public Hearing” include your full name, email address, and contact phone number with area code.

You can still listen to the public hearing to show your support even if you don’t plan to speak!

Instructions to attend the public hearings:

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