Action Alert: Let WV’s Senators Know You’re Depending on Them for Critical Infrastructure Legislation

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that infrastructure is a top priority for Congress. But did you know that infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges? It’s safe public drinking water, efficient sewage systems, projects that use nature to tackle climate change head on, and economic development that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Positioned at the center of the conversation on infrastructure is West Virginia. The Mountain State is getting a lot of attention not only because West Virginia has the most to gain from investments in our infrastructure; but because two of the most influential members of Congress on these policies – Senator Manchin and Senator Capito – hail from West Virginia. Both Senators hold important leadership roles on Senate Committees, and both are essential to the passage of bipartisan infrastructure legislation, like the policies outlined in the American Jobs Plan. Read about what the American Jobs Plan would mean for us here in West Virginia.

Federal infrastructure legislation is an opportunity West Virginia can’t afford miss out onLet our Senators know that you are depending on them to make sure that West Virginia, our water, air, climate, and economy come out on top of any infrastructure bill.

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