Citizen Advocates Defeat HB 2598 – The Oil & Gas Tank Deregulation Bill

Ready for some good news? The dangerous bill that would exempt certain oil & gas storage tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act appears to have been defeated!

Yesterday, 4/8, was the last meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where HB 2598 was sitting. The bill was on the agenda on 4/7, then late that evening it got pulled off and never came back. Because the Committee did not advance the bill before the deadline, it “died” in the committee. This means over 880 oil and gas storage tanks will remain under the protection of the Aboveground Storage Tank Act!

This victory demonstrates the power of persistent citizen advocacy. Over the course of the legislative session, more than 20,800 messages were sent to members of the WV Legislature on the dangers of this bill.

Defeat of this bill is a good reminder that every email and every call makes a difference. Thank you for your dedication to clean, fresh, safe water in West Virginia!

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