How Will You Celebrate World Water Day?

Dear Friend,

Today is World Water Day. Across the globe, people are celebrating the value of water in their lives. I hope you’re celebrating clean water in your part of the world – whether you’re in West Virginia or beyond!

We know water holds value in a variety of ways: health, education, recreation, food, economics, and curbing climate change. Today, the United Nations will be releasing its annual World Water Development Report. I hope you’ll take some time to see how the work we do at WV Rivers connects to the broader movement for clean water.

A little closer to home, I want to encourage you to take three actions for World Water Day.

  1. If you’re on social media, share what clean water means to you. If you’re on Facebook, tag @West Virginia Rivers Coalition; on Twitter, tag @ourWVrivers. And don’t forget to hashtag #WorldWaterDay and #Water2Me
  1. Consider a financial gift to WV Rivers – you can do that by clicking here.
  1. Take a deep breath. There’s water in that breath. Savor a meal. There’s water in that meal. Take a walk in the woods. There’s water coursing through those trees. Celebrate the water around you – and commit to supporting efforts for clean water conservation around the world and close to home.

Happy World Water Day, friends!

Chett Pritchett, Development Director

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