Action Alert: Ask Your Senators to Support Public Engagement on Public Lands

A new piece of legislation called the Public Engagement Opportunity on Public Lands Exploration (PEOPLE) Act of 2020, seeks to ensure greater transparency and public participation in decisions on federal oil and gas leasing.

Introduced to the Senate in late September, the bill is in response to a number of efforts by the administration to rollback environmental protections on federal land, like its plan to make oil and gas development easier on U.S. Forest Service Lands.

Let West Virginia’s Senators know you support public participation and transparency on decisions affecting public lands! Share your support of the PEOPLE Act of 2020.

The PEOPLE Act of 2020 addresses inadequacies of the current federal oil and gas leasing system for many of those affected by these decisions.

It helps improve transparency and restores opportunities for the public to have a say in how their public lands should be managed. It mandates pragmatic leasing procedures that encourage public participation and proactive outreach with state agencies, private landowners, local governments, Tribal communities and other stakeholders.

Tell West Virginia’s Senators you support the PEOPLE Act of 2020.

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