Closed: Double Your Donation to WV Rivers Through December 31!

The match has been met and donations made through Patagonia’s giving platform will no longer be matched.

WV Rivers depends on donations from supporters like you to advocate for clean water and wild public lands. Last year, we made great strides for healthier streams, which you can learn about in our special year-end report.

We already know that next year will bring some big challenges to our water – like attempts to rollback water quality standards.

But it’s not all bad news, there are opportunities to improve water protection. We’ll be working with partners to identify new trout streams using eDNA. Once wild trout populations are identified, these streams will be eligible to receive enhanced protections. We’ll also advocate for stronger penalties for water quality violations under the Clean Water Act. Tougher penalties will more effectively deter industrial polluters from breaking the law, keeping our water safer. Learn more about our 2020 clean water priorities here.

We’re counting on your donation to carry our mission forward in 2020. Don’t wait! Double your impact for clean water and make donation here.

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