WV Rivers’ Team Gathers to Protect Streams from Climate Change

With our growing team, WV Rivers is able to tackle more issues that threaten West Virginia’s water quality. Last month, our team gathered in Morgantown for a day-long strategy session with the National Wildlife Federation, on confronting climate change. WV Rivers is the West Virginia affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Want to learn what exactly climate change means? Check out this video.

In West Virginia, our state fish, the brook trout, is already feeling the effects of a warming planet. As rain patterns change, air temperatures rise, and waters warm, brook trout are losing habitat. As a state and as a nation we need to act now on sensible solutions to keep our environment from rapidly warming.

Learn more about climate change on cold-water fish, like the brook trout in the award willing film “Cold Waters”, and NWF’s climate change reports on freshwater fish and wildlife. View the EPA fact sheet on climate change in West Virginia.

Stay tuned to WV Rivers, we’ll be sharing meaningful actions you can take to confront climate altering pollution in WV.

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