WV Rivers Comments on HR 11 “Recognizing the Importance of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline”

HR 11, a resolution “Recognizing the Importance of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline”, undermines the authority of the legislative branch.

The “assaults” the resolution condemns refer to legal challenges brought forth by citizens on this particular project. The delays of this project are due to court rulings that determined various permits were not in compliance with the law. It seems out of character for the legislative branch to condemn efforts to make sure the laws it creates are enforced.

You may want to condemn the court decisions or condemn your legislative peers who put in place these regulatory schemes, but it’s completely misplaced and inappropriate to condemn citizens of this state who act to make sure laws the legislative branch makes are followed by all.

Please oppose this resolution as it undermines the rights of impacted citizens to recourse when laws are violated, and it undermines the legislative branch’s expectation that the laws it creates will be enforced.

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