Breaking: Letter Delivered Asking Governor to Keep to Water Policy Out of State Budget Special Session

Lack of Scrutiny by Legislators Causes Water Policy Confusion

The 2017 legislative session saw two bills, HB 2506 and SB 687, that benefit only polluters pass through the legislature in the face of strong public opposition. Now, those bills are in conflict with one another – highlighting the lack of scrutiny water policy received from legislators this session.

HB 2506 changed the way toxic discharge limits are calculated, allowing more toxins to be released into our water. In a last minute rush, SB 687, was fast-tracked through the legislature. While SB 687 further weakened other portions of West Virginia’s water quality standards, it amended the same section of code as HB 2506, leaving the two bills in conflict.

Now, some members of the legislature want to continue to mess with our water quality during the special session called by Governor Justice that is supposed to focus on the state’s budget crisis. Read more here.

Today, WV Rivers along with thirteen other organizations asked the Governor to limit the special session to only the budget crisis. Our water and our budget deserve our legislators full attention. You can encourage Governor Justice to limit the special session to just the state budget by calling his office: 304-558-2000.

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