Two Things You Can Do

Sometimes the best thing you can do is show up! Here are two events where you can help rally for public lands.

March 16 Town Hall with Senator Joe Manchin

Sen. Joe Manchin is expected to participate in a town hall meeting in Charleston, March 16 at 6pm. The event takes place at the LaBelle Theatre, 311 D St., South Charleston.

Want to ask Sen. Manchin a public lands question? Here are two.

LWCF. Thank him for supporting permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund last year. This fund from offshore oil and gas leases helped purchase most of WV’s public land infrastructure. Will he work for LWCF again this year?
Public lands sell-off. There have been bills in Congress to sell off public lands or give them to the states. Sen. Manchin knows how important these lands are to our economy and our heritage. Will he oppose efforts to sell off our national forests and national rivers?

March 18 Public Lands Rally in Charleston

A group of young public lands advocates is hosting a Rally for Public Lands on the steps of the WV Capitol Building, March 18 — and everyone is invited. Come out and show your support for the Monongahela National Forest, the Gauley and New Rivers, and all our public lands. Learn more here.

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