West Virginians for Public Lands

Action Alert: Voice Your Support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund – Click Here

Conservation groups, businesses, community organizations, and people throughout the Mountain State have come together to stand up for the Monongahela National Forest, our state’s national wildlife refuges, and NPS units like the Gauley River National Recreation Area, the New River Gorge National River, and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

These special places are the foundation of our state’s outdoor culture and economy. They support thousands of jobs and contribute millions in state income taxes. Above all, they are part of us and deserve our stewardship.

Efforts in the U.S. Congress to defund public lands, eliminate environmental reviews, and steamroll through plans to industrialize our cherished recreation lands were once considered fringe ideas. Now there are member of Congress and the Administration that want to take these lands away from us. There are even proposals in Congress to sell off our public lands to businesses or give them to cash-strapped states, making it tempting to sell public lands to close budget shortfalls.

Paddlers, hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, and everyone who enjoys being outside — we all need to stand together. Sign up for our e-news to stay informed and learn what you can do, including responding to timely calls to action.

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