Get Involved! Help protect WV public lands

Protecting public lands is about all of us taking action, sometimes at critical moments, on very short notice. Your letters, your calls, your attendance at public meetings — every action matters. The most important thing is to stay informed so we can all work together to make sure our public lands stay in public hands and that they remain accessible to everyone who loves them.

Stay Informed

Paddlers, hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, bikers, and everyone who enjoys being outside — we all need to stand together. Sign up for our e-news to learn what you can do, including responding to timely calls to action.

You can be a leader

Are you passionate about West Virginia’s public lands? Become a West Virginians for Public Lands volunteer and use your talents to protect the lands you love.

Volunteers can help with:

  • Volunteer Leadership. Inspire others to take action for public lands. 
  • Social Media. Help promote West Virginians for Public Lands and public lands issues on your social media networks.
  • Print Media. Make your voice heard in your community’s newspapers and blogs.
  • Visibility. Carry the banner for public lands, show up when it’s needed most at community meetings and other events.
  • Talking with Decision Makers. Speak with community leaders, elected officials and their staff about the issues facing public lands.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

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