Wild and Wonderful means Business

West Virginians for Public Lands(WVPL) is an alliance of organizations, businesses and individuals committed to protecting and enhancing the benefits of public lands to West Virginians. WVPL shares information to mobilize actions that let decision-makers know a diverse base of West Virginians’ positions on key public lands policies.

“Wild and Wonderful” is a mantra that unites all West Virginians. Those two key words capture concisely just who we are and where we live.  Our public lands are the heart and soul of all that is Wild and Wonderful.

An important part of being West Virginian is having easy public access to our abundant natural beauty. This benefits every business in the state. Many outdoor recreation companies derive part or most of their revenue directly from public lands that also support lodging, food service, and other providers with dependable income.  Every business that employs West Virginians benefits from staff who reap their own rewards from public lands near and far.

By joining the West Virginians for Public Lands Business Alliance, you give WVPL permission to list your name as a WVPL member on its website and other relevant materials. If you choose you can take a more proactive role.

We hope to welcome you aboard our growing movement to honor our vital public lands. Thanks!

Questions: Contact Dave Bassage at dbassage@wvrivers.org.

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