WV Public Lands in the News

Manchin Needs to Protect Public Land, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 2/11/17. A letter by Tom Cavendish reminding Sen. Manchin that our public lands are a long term and sustainable boost to our economy.

National Lands Should Remain Under Federal Protection, Herald-Dispatch, 2/5/17. Aston Lee Smith reminds Rep. Evan Jenkins of their days as fellow Boy Scouts as he calls for a commitment to safeguarding our public lands from sale or transfer.

Don’t Repeal Antiquities Act, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1/27/17. A letter by Doug Wood to the editor asking the WV Delegation to stand up for all of our public lands heritage protected under the Antiquities Act.

Manchin Should Work with Both Parties to Protect Lands, The Journal, 1/27/17. A letter by Karen Johnson on the bipartisan support for public lands.

Protecting Natural, Historic Resources, The Intelligencer Wheeling New-Register, 1/3/17. An editorial calling on Congress and the President to do more for federal lands protection in the Eastern U.S., including Birthplace of Rivers.

Paddling the Elk River, Daily Yonder, 10/18/16. A guest essay by Matt Kearns on rivers, people, economic development, and Birthplace of Rivers.

Monumental Momentum, BeforeIt’sNews.com. 10/7/16. What will President Obama’s public lands legacy be? Maybe Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, says this article.

Could Birthplace off Rivers Help Richwood Recover From Floods? Glimmer Free Press, 10/7/16. The mayor of Richwood, WV says Birthplace of Rivers National Monument is an important economic strategy for rebuilding from the 2016 and planning for long-term growth.

Could Birthplace of Rivers Help Richwood Recover From Floods? In an interview with Dan Heyman of WV PNS, Richwood, WV mayor Bob Henry Baber says his town wants President Obama to designate Birthplace of Rivers National Monument as part of their long-term flood recovery plan.

Take the Maine Road to a Better WV, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9/18/16. Pocahontas County, WV, resident, a member of the local Friends of the Monument effort, cites the Maine Woods and Rivers National Monument to call on President Obama to create Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.

Why Local Friends of the Monuments Supports the Proposal, Pocahontas Times, 9/14/16. Frank Gifford, a founder of Friends of the Monuments, writes that local support for the monument proposal is strong.

Bikepacking Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, 9/6/16. Jess Dadio of Blue Ridge Outdoors joined WV Rivers’ Matt Kearns and Pocahontas Trails cyclists for a circumnavigation of the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument. Article contains video footage.

A National Monument Would Help Build A Strong, Sustainable Economy, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9/2/16.

Frank Gifford of Pocahontas County Explains Birthplace of Rivers, Allegheny Mountain Radio, 8/31/16. Former Richwood, WV, mayor Bob Johnson’s letter to the editor says Birthplace of Rivers should be part of West Virginia’s long-term economic future.

Jenkins Hears Tourism Wish List, The Register-Herald, 8/20/16. Representative Evan Jenkins met with outdoor recreation businesses on boosting tourism in WV; Birthplace of Rivers and clean water were noted as priorities.

Keen’s Monumental Celebration, Huffington Post, 8/1/16. Ron Mwangaguhunga writes about the effort to protect Birthplace of Rivers and other national monument proposals.

Birthplace of Rivers – West Virginia’s First National Monument? The Observer of Jefferson County, 7/1/16. Amy Mathews-Amos reports on the local efforts to protect Birthplace of Rivers.

Elk River Has Untapped Potential, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 6/26/2016. Matt Kearns writes about the opportunities for West Virginia from Birthplace of Rivers.

City of Richwood Seeks Proclaimation of National Monument, WOAY TV, 6/16/16. 

WV’s Future: The Elk Runs Through It, WV Public News Service, 6/13/2016. A look at how river-based tourism can help the WV economy.

City of Richwood Seeks Proclamation of National Monument, WOAY TV, 6/21/16. The Richwood Chamber of Commerce expresses support for Presidential Proclamation.

Friends Complete Their Journey Of Elk River,WV Metro News, 6/7/16.

Elkspedition Interview 2 on West Virginia Outdoors, 6/4/16. Chris Lawrence has Matt Kearns back on his WV Outdoors Saturday show for a wrap-up of Elkepdition for Birthplace of Rivers.

Water’s Unsung Heroes, Give Back Guide, Blue Ridge Outdoors, 6/1/16. WV Rivers was named an “Unsung Hero” by BRO, in part for the work on Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.

Kayakers Finish 2-Week Expedition From Headwaters of Elk River, Charleston Gazette Mail, 5/31/16. Gazette Mail reporter Jake Jarvis was onsite at Coonskin Park to capture the final leg of the journey from Birthplace of Rivers to Charleston

Adventurers Navigate Elk River for a Cause, WOWK TV Charleston, 5/30/16.

Free Picnic Celebrates 173-mile Elk River  Voyage, Charleston Gazette Mail, 5/25/16.

Elkspedition Underway, WV Metro News, 5/23/16. West Virginia’s popular outdoor radio journalist Chris Lawrence gives an update on the Elkspedition journey.

Elkspedition interview on West Virginia Outdoors, Elkspedition’s Matt Kearns appeared on West Virginia Outdoors radio to talk about the connection between Birthplace of Rivers and the rivers we enjoy and drink. Interview begins at about 29:15. Listen in!

Duo Plans To Travel The Entire Elk River In The Days Ahead, WV MetroNews, 5/16/16. MetroNews outdoor reporter Chris Lawrence shares the Elkspedition excitement to support Birthplace of Rivers.

Two Adventurers Hike, Bike, Paddle Length of Elk River, Braxton Citizens’ News, 5/4/16. Matt Kearns and Adam Swisher set out to paddle the Elk River from its source in Birthplace of Rivers to the confluence with the Kanawha in Charleston.

Economic Impact Promising for Birthplace of Rivers, Clay County Free Press, 4/20/16.

Economic Research Promising for Birthplace of Rivers, WV PNS, 4/20/16. A report by the Small Business Majority on the impacts of national monuments nationwide bodes well for monument effort.

Economic Impact Promising for New Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, Monroe Watchman, 4/21/16

Glad to see editorial on Birthplace of Rivers, Fayette Tribune, 4/11/16. Lewis Rhinehart writes in a letter to the editor about business support for President Obama to create Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.

It’s Time To Designate Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, Fayette Tribune, 4/4/16. Editor Cheryl Keenan calls on President Obama to use the Antiquities Act to create the first landscape-scale national monument in the East.

Discover 6 Secrets Hidden in Birthplace of Rivers, Positive Solutions e-magazine, 3/26/16. From dark skies to the disappearing act of Hills Creek, there is so much more to Birthplace of Rivers than meets the eye.

Establishing Birthplace of Rivers Protects, Preserves, Grows Tourism, Beckley Register-Herald, 3/22/16. On World Water Day, Bobby Bower of WV Professional Rivers Outfitters writes that designating Birthplace of Rivers is a great way to honor our waters and give adventure tourism a boost.

Birthplace of Rivers Up for Possible National Monument Status, WVPNS, 2/26/16. Following President Obama’s designation of 3 new monuments in California, West Virginia businesses and sportsmen hope Birthplace of Rivers is next.

Congress or President Should Act on Birthplace of Rivers, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1/17/16. The capital city’s newspaper editors write that the 2-year anniversary of the WV Water Crisis should be a call to action for the state’s Congressional delegation and the President.

Protecting West Virginia’s Beautiful Places, 12/1/15, Charleston Gazette-Mail. U.S. Coast Guard veteran Matt Kearns describes why he came home to WV after his service: the solace and solitude of our public lands as captured by the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument proposal.

Capito, Manchester Discuss Issues, 11/17/15, Beckley Register-Herald. Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester meets with Senator Capito to discuss Birthplace of Rivers and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

WV Rivers grant receives to promote water policies, a short piece in the Gazette-Mail about funding to promote clean water and headwaters in the Birthplace of Rivers.

Live Monumental, 10/23/15, The Hill. Kirk Richardson of Keen Footwear writes about this summer’s campaign to designate 5 new national monuments.

Let’s All Live Monumentally, 10/13/15, Portland Tribune. Kirk Richardson of Keen Footwear describes why his company launched a campaign to designate five national monuments, including Birthplace of Rivers.

Push for Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, 9/30/15, WV Public News Service describes the national effort to protect four new national monuments, including Birthplace of Rivers.

Wild Fight: The East’s First Wilderness National Monument, 9/24. Gear Junkie describes the opportunities of the East’s first landscape-size national monument designation.

Keen Live Monumental Tour Stops at Hill and Holler, 9/24, Mountain Messenger.

Birthplace of Rivers National Monument Effort Gets A Boost, 9/17/15, WV Public Radio describes how the Live Monumental Tour has boosted public awareness of local government and business support for the monument proposal.

Lewisburg Bike Shop Hosts Keen Live Monumental, 9/14/15, A Mountain Messenger story on Keen’s Live Monumental Tour coming to Lewisburg, WV.

One Down, Four To Go, Mountain Messenger, 9/4/15. The article highlights the national public awareness impacts of Keen Footwear’s Live Monumental tour, which visits Lewisburg, WV, September 18.

The Next National Monument? Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, September 2015 edition. The Appalachia’s leading outdoors magazine explores the recreation opportunities and the story of the monument.

New National Monuments On The Way? Backpacker, July 2015. Backpacker magazine highlights efforts to create new national monuments nationwide.

The Importance Of Protecting Hunting And Fishing Access In W.Va., 7/24/15.  Williamsburg, WV sportsman Eddie Fletcher touts the recreational access that would be guaranteed by the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.

Supporters of local national monument designation urge Manchin to take action, Beckley Register-Herald, 7/11/15. Sportsmen and a broad coalition of recreation, business, and conservation groups heralded designation of three new national monuments out West. West Virginians want Birthplace of Rivers to be next.

Protecting W.Va. Birthplace of Rivers, The Intelligencer / Wheeling News Register, 6/14/15. Zach Pittman of WVangler.com cheers on a supportive editorial from The Intelligencer / Wheeling News Register, adding, “My business is made possible by strengths like clean water, outdoor recreation and natural beauty. These are some of the features that will help West Virginia attract other small businesses, as well.”

Time For Manchin To Pull The Trigger, The Observer, 6/4/15. Jefferson County, WV, hunter Doug Humphreys writes it’s time for Senator Joe Manchin III and the state’s Congressional delegation to act on Birthplace of Rivers.
Forum Seeks Ways to Market W.Va., The Register-Herald, 5/29/15. Elected officials, business owners and conservationists held a forum with Tourism Commissioner Amy Schuler Goodwin in Fayetteville May 28 to discuss how to preserve and market West Virginia.
Monument Would Boost Tourism, The Register-Herald, 5/21/15. Frank Second, who operates a fly-fishing guide service in Richwood, WV, just outside the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, writes that the monument would boost tourism in West Virginia.
Monument Will Benefit Local Economy, Charleston Daily Mail, 5/21/15. Richwood, WV Mayor Bob Johnson calls on Senators Manchin and Capito “to respond to this opportunity with a bi-partisan solution, giving stakeholders the guarantees they seek, providing communities the economic boost we need, and granting ‘Wild and Wonderful’ the national honor it deserves.”
Unplug and Get Away, West Virginia Executive magazine spotlights the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument. 5/18/15.
Profiting From Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register’s editor Mike Myer says the proposed Birthplace of Rivers would be good for the state’s economy, 5/17/15.
The Best Buck I Never Killed, The Observer, 5/7/15. Hunter Doug Humphreys describes a hunting trip into the Monongahela National Forest, painting a picture of the unique bond between hunter and landscape–and humor.
A Monumental Idea, Mountain Messenger, 3/20/15. The Messenger’s David Esteppe writes about how important national monuments have been to preserving sporting heritage and recreational access in the West–and what a Birthplace of Rivers National Monument could mean for West Virginia.
The Cure For Spring Fever—Guaranteed, Charleston Gazette, 2/22/15. In the chill of winter, there is no better time for planning a spring getaway to Birthplace of Rivers National Monument.
Highland Scenic Highway provides access to that which is wild and wonderful in West Virginia, Charleston Gazette, 2/15/15. Rick Steelhammer describes some of the amazing features of the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument area.

Recognizing A Special Place in West Virginia, The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register, 1/1/15. Gil & Mary Willis, owners of the Elk River Touring Center and Elk River Lodge weigh in eloquently about the benefits of the proposed Birthplace of Rivers. National Monument.

Why Can’t The Entire State Benefit From Tourism? Beckley Herald-Register, 11/9/14. Manchester, WV, mayor John Manchester says the entire state should be able to benefit from increased spending on tourism marketing–and we should start by focusing on our natural assets.

Birthplace of Rivers a treasure for veterans, W.Va., Charleston Gazette, 11/9/14. Army veteran Alex Wyshyvanuk writes about how his deep connection to West Virginia’s outdoor heritage is important to him as a vet–and why designating the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument means so much.
Monongahela National Forest can help state economy, Charleston Daily Mail, 10/13/14. Business owner Carroll Bassett writes that Birthplace of Rivers is part of the solution for diversifying West Virginia’s economy.
Honoring The Wild, The Observer, 9/2/14. In observance of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, WV Wilderness Coalition’s Mike Costello reminds us that all things wild are not wilderness–but are still worthy of protection. The Birthplace of Rivers is such a place.
Monument Status Benefits Hunters and Anglers, Charleston Gazette, 8/27/14. Evan Fedora responds to a sportsman’s op-ed supporting Birthplace of Rivers.
A Monument for West Virginia and the Mononga-monsters, The Observer, 8/2/14. Hunter’s Almanac columnist Doug Humphreys paints picture perfect scene of the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, and what it means for hunters.
A Monument To Our Hunting Heritage, Charleston Gazette, 5/12/14. Hunter Doug Humphreys writes that Birthplace of Rivers celebrates West Virginia’s heritage of hunting and fishing.
Restore WV’s Wild, Wonderful Image, Charleston Gazette, 4/9/14. Maura Kistler, Gene Kistler and Kenny Parker; co-owners of Water Stone Outdoors in Fayetteville; put Birthplace of Rivers into the context of the WV water crisis.
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